Jyn Yates is featured on the cover and in the first ever book on women drum set players!  Women Drummers: A History From Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country was released in April of 2014.  The book discusses women drummers throughout history until current times, and specifically discusses the struggles women have gone through in a primarily male field of drumming.   The book includes fellow female drummers Viola Smith, Sheila E., Cindy Blackman Santana, Debbie Peterson, Allison Miller and more!  The book is currently being made into a documentary in Los Angeles, California.  Click the book link to order the book from Amazon.com!  

Jyn performing the famous drum solo "Wipe Out" at the 2015 Kentucky State Fair. 

Jyn's drum set logo designed by Louisiana artist Trish Griffin. 

Jyn Yates is a professional drummer who grew up in a musical family and has been rocking behind the kit from tender the age of 3. 

She has performed for the Kirk Douglas Theatre of Los Angeles, California,  Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Michigan Women's Music Festival, The Capitol in Washington, DC, The Kentucky Center For The Arts, The Louisville Ballet  & the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre of New York. 

Jyn is also an esteemed drum instructor in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching drum set performance and percussion composition.  She has toured internationally as a professional drummer and is a current producer in the sound design field.   >>Read More

Jyn & Bev sample hiphop in Nashville, Tennessee.  Live at City Winery!

From the set of Girlfriend in Los Angeles- A rock & roll musical  - pictured musical director Julie Wolf (acoustic) - Janet Robin (lead guitar) - Vivi Rama (bass) - Jyn Yates (drums)

Jyn performing an opening drum solo to start Beverly McClellan's Nashville City Winery Show!

Beverly McClellan & Sarah Potentza (of NBC's The Voice) perform Joni Mitchell's Case of You in Nashville, TN with Jyn on drums.  

The first single off the upcoming Hillbilly Swagger album, Drop A Trailer On Em - produced by Jyn Yates.  The album is a duo collaboration featuring Beverly McClellan (NBC's The Voice) & Jyn.  Expected to be released in 2017. 

Inside the journey of a chick drummer.

Jyn & Beverly McClellan take a crowd selfie after headlining OLF in Columbus, Ohio! 

The title track off of Femtronica's Welcome To The Queendom album, which was produced by Jyn Yates.  

Buy the album online by clicking this link!